Canine Hydrotherapy in Maldon, Essex ... for your dogs well being

Welcome to All About Dogs Hydrotherapy, where the main aim is to improve the health of our four legged friends, whether it is to develop their current fitness and overall well being, to help them recover from an operation, or ease a condition they are suffering from. I have been a dog lover all my life, and became distraught when my six-month-old Labrador became lame in one of his hind legs. I was referred to hydrotherapy by the vet, as he was too young to have an operation on the suspected rupture to the cruciate ligament, and I was amazed by the improvement. He never had to have the operation, and now is fully able to do all the exercise he loves.

Improving the

quality and life

of your dog

Hydrotherapy can have a very positive effect on dogs, just like it can with humans. Fit and healthy dogs can use the sessions to build up muscles to lower the pressure on the joints, which are often one of the main factors that reduce a dog’s mobility later on in life. Swimming is a non-weight baring exercise, and this makes it actually a lot better for the dogs than a regular walk or run, where their joints are put under high pressure. This factor is what makes hydrotherapy ideal for recovering dogs, as they need to build muscles up to regain full use of the limbs, but are constantly held back by not being able to weight bare for many weeks after the operation or trauma.

Hydrotherapy can be used to start building up muscle at a much earlier date, hopefully meaning a speedy recovery for your much loved companion.

I was trained at the highly reputable Greyfriars Rehabilitation Centre in Guildford were I obtained a level 3 ABC qualification in Canine Hydrotherapy.